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I have been debating whether or not to post this as I didn’t want to jinx it but here goes.

I think I may have found the setup that works best for me – Filofax Personal Identity in black with an Arc A5 planner.  The Filofax has a mixture of refills from Day-Timer and Filofax themselves.  This is basically my diary – I have a month on two pages tabbed refill  for an overview and a week on two pages for planning out appointments and to-do lists for the week.  The Arc notebook is by my side everywhere and is basically my ‘inbox’ – I write everything in there and transfer/action it accordingly.  I haven’t had it set up long but it’s working so far – we’ll see.

See quite a few good films lately – eclectic mix

Joyful Noise –

Oblivion –

The Help –

The Guardian –

I’ll keep you posted :0)

Easter tree
I had some time off work and have been catching up with things like decorating my Easter tree (above)
On the book front, I’m partway through “Beautiful Creatures” by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  enjoying it so far and definitely want to see the film.  You can see the info and trailer here:
I recently watched “Sinister” which seriously lives up to the title.  Premium Rush was also worth a watch – it’s about bike couriers in New York (my dream is to go there near Christmas) and is very involving.
At the moment I’m torn between a beautiful A5 planner from Paperchase and a desk planner from Day-Timer.  I have to say I like the layout and have more refill options with the Day-Timer but we’ll see.
I’m very blessed with my family.  I’m a follower of FlyLady (see but was struggling to make progress with deluttering.  My parents spent two hours helping me sort through things.  The help was invaluable as was Dad’s advice as to which paperwork I needed to keep.  It’s helped motivate me to keep going and maintain what’s already clear.  It really does make a difference in many ways.
That’s it for now.  As I always say, I’ll try to blog more frequently.

ImageSaw the brilliant “Jersey Boys” in London this weekend.  I was amazed how many songs I knew I had no idea were Frankie Valli / Four Seasons.  A brilliant, slick show.  Standing ovation at the end and I even got a retweet from Jon Lee who is playing Frankie :0)

Still working on planner fail.  Using the Brush Dance planner I won online at the moment – I love the layout.  We’ll see how that goes.

Not much else to report for now but trying to blog more often.


Finished the first three books in “The Mortal Instruments” series.  Really enjoyed them and happy to find that there are more in the series – they’re already nestled safely on my Kindle :0)

Film trailer is here:

Second month of the year and I’m still deciding on a planner system.  The above is the current choice – page per day with appointments and a notes page opposite for to do list.  I do find that I’m forgetting things I mean to do so this will hopefully help.

Lots of inspiring blogs and videos on the web – one of my favourites is this:

I’ve seen several films I’ve enjoyed recently:

Wind Chill, Expendables 2 and The Possession – I like action and supernatural films.  The Expandables sequel had Chuck Norris which was awesome.

I’m going to try and blog more frequently but that’s it for now


It’s been a very relaxing festive season.  Back to the grindstone tomorrow – it’ll be nice to catch up with colleagues.

I was very spoiled at Christmas – DVDs, books, chocolate and nice bath stuff.  I’ve started reading ‘City of Bones’ by Cassandra Clare.  It’s the first in the Mortal Instrument series which I bought myself for Christmas.  Really enjoying it so far and looking forward to the film.  The trailer looks brilliant – interesting casting.

Saw Jack Reacher yesterday – good action film but a little predictable.  Definitely worth a watch.

Still experiencing planner fail.  I’ve got a lovely Brush Dance planner which I’ll be using as a desk diary at home but not sure about a portable planner.  I’ve been looking at Collins Debden but we’ll see.

Hope 2013 is a brilliant year for all.

Christmas preparation is well underway.  I’m very fortunate to be going to a Christmas meal with family so I don’t have to worry about catering.  It’s about buying the presents (usually online shopping) and outings (Cathedral and traditional Christmas Eve curry).  Very much looking forward to the day.  Being a big Doctor Who fan, the Christmas special will round off the day very nicely.

I’ve been back and forward between different planners again and get very frustrated when there always has to be a compromise.  I love the A4 size and thought it would be simple and cheap to get refills.  A good theory but as the binder is 4-ring and I find these refills much trickier to get than 2-ring.  So I either have to order or hunt for 4-ring refills or holepunch each page which is somewhat inconvenient and time-consuming.  I am working on the best calendar printout from Outlook – again, there are compromises needed there.

Went to see Breaking Dawn recently and thought it was very well done in terms of being faithful to the book and a fitting ending to the films.  I re-read the book afterwards.  Looking forward to seeing The Hobbit shortly and also interested in the Mortal Instruments film – the book gift set is a Christmas present to myself ;0)

I’ll hopefully blog again before Christmas – hoping all my deliveries come through.

Well, having returned from holiday, I have set up my A4 Filofax with help from the holepunch, Outlook and some printables from websites.  Feeling much more organised and finding that I am better at remembering things.

I decided that I then needed a notebook to have in my bag and my desk at work which could be for quick notes e.g. noting work shift times, contact details I’m given, shopping lists etc.  I wanted to find a refillable notebook system including a monthly planner refill.  Google turned up Rollabind which looked good but was a US website (I’m UK).  A UK-only search then brought up the ARC system by Staples.  On the ‘front page’, it stated that it had a number of different planner refills as well as notebook paper and other accessories.  Perfect.  Could I expand it?  Yes.  Could I divide subjects?  Yes.  Was there a ruler marker for a particular page I want to get to?  Yes.  So far so good.  I then spent some time looking for the aforementioned planner pages and failed.  They have many useful refills but not the most important refill I was looking for, despite it being listed on the front page.  I have e-mailed Staples and await their response.  I am sincerely hoping that they have not discontinued the planner refills.

Went to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall, last night and was very impressed.  It’s a lot more ‘personal’ than they’ve been previously and kept me enthralled all the way through which is unusual.  I’m still undecided on whether I like the theme tune.  Apparently Daniel Craig has signed up for another two so looking forward to those.  Also looking forward to the new installments in the Marvel series i.e. Thor, Iron Man, Avengers.

I’m partway through reading the latest book in the Vampire Diaries series and finding it difficult to put down.  It  was waiting for me when I got home from holiday so a nice antedote to the back-from-holiday blues.

I’ve just discovered the iPad app Bloglovin and it inspired me to create a new blog

Not about any particular subject although, as my blog title suggests, I’m addicted to Filofaxes and all sorts of personal organisers!!  Can’t walk past a stationery shop either.

Saw Men in Black 3 last night – big film fan.  Some good laughs and it really rounded off the series well I thought.  Josh Brolin was brilliant as young K.

Book fan too – at the moment I’m reading “Cross Fire” by James Patterson and “11.22.63” by Stephen King.  Also listening to “Divergent” by Veronica Roth on audiobook.  I may do some reviews once I’m finished.

I’m on YouTube quite often as a viewer.  I did attempt videos at one point but was put off by some, shall we say, negative feedback.  I want to get back on it though.

I’ll try and blog at least weekly – possibly more often about life in general :0)