Christmas preparation is well underway.  I’m very fortunate to be going to a Christmas meal with family so I don’t have to worry about catering.  It’s about buying the presents (usually online shopping) and outings (Cathedral and traditional Christmas Eve curry).  Very much looking forward to the day.  Being a big Doctor Who fan, the Christmas special will round off the day very nicely.

I’ve been back and forward between different planners again and get very frustrated when there always has to be a compromise.  I love the A4 size and thought it would be simple and cheap to get refills.  A good theory but as the binder is 4-ring and I find these refills much trickier to get than 2-ring.  So I either have to order or hunt for 4-ring refills or holepunch each page which is somewhat inconvenient and time-consuming.  I am working on the best calendar printout from Outlook – again, there are compromises needed there.

Went to see Breaking Dawn recently and thought it was very well done in terms of being faithful to the book and a fitting ending to the films.  I re-read the book afterwards.  Looking forward to seeing The Hobbit shortly and also interested in the Mortal Instruments film – the book gift set is a Christmas present to myself ;0)

I’ll hopefully blog again before Christmas – hoping all my deliveries come through.


Well, having returned from holiday, I have set up my A4 Filofax with help from the holepunch, Outlook and some printables from websites.  Feeling much more organised and finding that I am better at remembering things.

I decided that I then needed a notebook to have in my bag and my desk at work which could be for quick notes e.g. noting work shift times, contact details I’m given, shopping lists etc.  I wanted to find a refillable notebook system including a monthly planner refill.  Google turned up Rollabind which looked good but was a US website (I’m UK).  A UK-only search then brought up the ARC system by Staples.  On the ‘front page’, it stated that it had a number of different planner refills as well as notebook paper and other accessories.  Perfect.  Could I expand it?  Yes.  Could I divide subjects?  Yes.  Was there a ruler marker for a particular page I want to get to?  Yes.  So far so good.  I then spent some time looking for the aforementioned planner pages and failed.  They have many useful refills but not the most important refill I was looking for, despite it being listed on the front page.  I have e-mailed Staples and await their response.  I am sincerely hoping that they have not discontinued the planner refills.

Went to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall, last night and was very impressed.  It’s a lot more ‘personal’ than they’ve been previously and kept me enthralled all the way through which is unusual.  I’m still undecided on whether I like the theme tune.  Apparently Daniel Craig has signed up for another two so looking forward to those.  Also looking forward to the new installments in the Marvel series i.e. Thor, Iron Man, Avengers.

I’m partway through reading the latest book in the Vampire Diaries series and finding it difficult to put down.  It  was waiting for me when I got home from holiday so a nice antedote to the back-from-holiday blues.

For years, I have been on the seemingly unending quest for the ‘perfect’ organiser.  I’ve tried pretty much every size and various companies.  The conclusion I have come to is that if you want it to cater to your needs, it has to be customised.  I have decided that the easiest way for me to do this is is with Outlook, my newly resurrected printer and an A4 organiser.  That way, I can print my calendars in various formats as needed and purchase cheap refills (you can get an A4 refill pad in pretty much any shop that does stationery).

It was a long self-debate between buying one in person or online.  Bad weather (and Amazon) won the day.  It should arrive before the end of the week – I will try to post a photo and review.

Went to see “Looper” the other day.  Interesting concept and the film wasn’t what I expected.  I can’t say too much without giving away the entire story but it involves time travel.  I explained it to my Dad by paraphrasing Dr Who (huge fan) – “wibbly, wobbly, timey-wimey stuff”.

Went to see the new Ice Age film and really enjoyed it – I think it appeals to all age ranges in a similar way to The Simpsons.

Saw the first episode of the new Dr Who series and can’t wait for the rest – the Christmas special is always my favourite but this was an intriguing series opener.

I’m listening to ‘Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter’ on audiobook and looking forward to seeing the film.  It’s an interesting concept and the story is well-woven.

On the DragonVale front, I’ve finally got my Rainbow dragon and am working on others – still hooked on this game!!

Went to see Batman the other night.  Longer than average films but to me it didn’t feel it – it carried you through.  It was a nice rounding up of the franchise although, without giving a spoiler, it does pave the way for possible sequel.  I’m a big fan of Tom Hardy and enjoyed him in this – he must have had quite a time giving a performance wearing that mask as Bane.  Cillian Murphy was, unfortunately, underused again and I wasn’t sure if he was there as the same character.

Still having a lot of fun with ‘Dragon Vale’, the game I found for iPad.  I’m making it my mission to breed the elusive Rainbow Dragon :0)

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with couriers.  I order online because it’s more convenient and there’s more choice.  However, I work full-time so when they require a signature for delivery it becomes a lot more complicated.  Some companies are more helpful than others when I bring this up.  I’m expecting more deliveries shortly so we’ll see what happens.

Discovered a new game on my iPad today which I’m afraid is going to be very addictive.  Free, called Dragon Vale and basically involves hatching dragon eggs and breeding them.  I’ve only been playing for half an hour or so on and off and getting to grips with it.

On the book front, I’m two thirds of the way through ‘Maze Runner’ by James Dashner and completely hooked.  I’ll definitely be getting the sequels.  Fans of the Hunger Games series will probably enjoy this.

Went to see Snow White last night.  Quite a long film but kept you involved all the way through.  I’m already a fan of Chris Hemsworth and he didn’t disappoint.  Kirsten Stewart was very good but for me, Charlize Theron stole the show as the wicked queen – very good performance and interesting effects.

Getting very excited about the Twilight finale seeing all the photos and trailers online.  I’ve read the books so I know what happens but it’ll be good to see on the big screen.  They’ve been quite faithful to the books for the most part.

Liking the new albums from Maroon 5 and (didn’t think I’d say this) Justin Bieber.  Downloaded selected songs from each one and enjoying my new playlist.  I’m always interesting in listening to different music so feel free to comment with recommendations :0)

Went to see Prometheus last week – very good though I had to look way a few times (squeamish). The character stories and action were well-mixed. Snow White & The Huntsman tomorrow.
Finished ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth on audiobook. Unpredictable and very involving. I’ve got the sequel lined up already.
Looking forward to reading ‘Game of Thrones’. It’s siting on my shelf as it’s reading for my holiday flight which isn’t for some time yet – it’s calling me!

I’ve just discovered the iPad app Bloglovin and it inspired me to create a new blog

Not about any particular subject although, as my blog title suggests, I’m addicted to Filofaxes and all sorts of personal organisers!!  Can’t walk past a stationery shop either.

Saw Men in Black 3 last night – big film fan.  Some good laughs and it really rounded off the series well I thought.  Josh Brolin was brilliant as young K.

Book fan too – at the moment I’m reading “Cross Fire” by James Patterson and “11.22.63” by Stephen King.  Also listening to “Divergent” by Veronica Roth on audiobook.  I may do some reviews once I’m finished.

I’m on YouTube quite often as a viewer.  I did attempt videos at one point but was put off by some, shall we say, negative feedback.  I want to get back on it though.

I’ll try and blog at least weekly – possibly more often about life in general :0)