I’m back and am really going to make an effort to post more consistently – I’ve already got several ideas for future blog posts.

Apologies in advance for the negative tone to start the post but I’m quite disappointed.  I spend quite a bit of time on social media and used to enjoy YouTube videos but am getting slightly frustrated for a number of reasons:

Sponsored videos with no forewarning that they include a sponsored product

Foreign language videos without English subtitles that have deliberately used an English title to be picked up in searches

Overdramatic and misleading titles for the sake of views

On a lighter note, I have recently been to see “San Andreas” and “Jurassic World”, both of which I enjoyed.  San Andreas had some unnececessary backstory but was generally enjoyable.  Jurassic World was very thrilling – worked as a standalone film and as part of the franchise in my opinion.  I’m hoping the rumoured sequels will happen.

That’s all for now – my next post will be getting back to planners and, in particular, my tips about stickers from Etsy shops