Easter tree
I had some time off work and have been catching up with things like decorating my Easter tree (above)
On the book front, I’m partway through “Beautiful Creatures” by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  enjoying it so far and definitely want to see the film.  You can see the info and trailer here:
I recently watched “Sinister” which seriously lives up to the title.  Premium Rush was also worth a watch – it’s about bike couriers in New York (my dream is to go there near Christmas) and is very involving.
At the moment I’m torn between a beautiful A5 planner from Paperchase and a desk planner from Day-Timer.  I have to say I like the layout and have more refill options with the Day-Timer but we’ll see.
I’m very blessed with my family.  I’m a follower of FlyLady (see flylady.net) but was struggling to make progress with deluttering.  My parents spent two hours helping me sort through things.  The help was invaluable as was Dad’s advice as to which paperwork I needed to keep.  It’s helped motivate me to keep going and maintain what’s already clear.  It really does make a difference in many ways.
That’s it for now.  As I always say, I’ll try to blog more frequently.