Christmas preparation is well underway.  I’m very fortunate to be going to a Christmas meal with family so I don’t have to worry about catering.  It’s about buying the presents (usually online shopping) and outings (Cathedral and traditional Christmas Eve curry).  Very much looking forward to the day.  Being a big Doctor Who fan, the Christmas special will round off the day very nicely.

I’ve been back and forward between different planners again and get very frustrated when there always has to be a compromise.  I love the A4 size and thought it would be simple and cheap to get refills.  A good theory but as the binder is 4-ring and I find these refills much trickier to get than 2-ring.  So I either have to order or hunt for 4-ring refills or holepunch each page which is somewhat inconvenient and time-consuming.  I am working on the best calendar printout from Outlook – again, there are compromises needed there.

Went to see Breaking Dawn recently and thought it was very well done in terms of being faithful to the book and a fitting ending to the films.  I re-read the book afterwards.  Looking forward to seeing The Hobbit shortly and also interested in the Mortal Instruments film – the book gift set is a Christmas present to myself ;0)

I’ll hopefully blog again before Christmas – hoping all my deliveries come through.