Went to see Batman the other night.  Longer than average films but to me it didn’t feel it – it carried you through.  It was a nice rounding up of the franchise although, without giving a spoiler, it does pave the way for possible sequel.  I’m a big fan of Tom Hardy and enjoyed him in this – he must have had quite a time giving a performance wearing that mask as Bane.  Cillian Murphy was, unfortunately, underused again and I wasn’t sure if he was there as the same character.

Still having a lot of fun with ‘Dragon Vale’, the game I found for iPad.  I’m making it my mission to breed the elusive Rainbow Dragon :0)

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with couriers.  I order online because it’s more convenient and there’s more choice.  However, I work full-time so when they require a signature for delivery it becomes a lot more complicated.  Some companies are more helpful than others when I bring this up.  I’m expecting more deliveries shortly so we’ll see what happens.